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Minimalizing the Closet

This is the year that I enter into my third decade.  As such, I feel like I have higher expectations for myself — expectations of acting responsibly and more grown up.  Well, not only does my wardrobe not reflect that, it also doesn’t meet my expectations for minimalism either.  So, some change is in order.

Through some Googling, I found that the “10 Essentials” for a woman’s closet in 2012 (courtesy Tim Gunn) are as follows:

  1. Basic black dress
  2. Trench coat
  3. Classic dress pants
  4. Classic white shirt
  5. Jeans
  6. Cashmere sweater
  7. Skirt
  8. Day dress
  9. Blazer
  10. Sweat suit alternative

This seems like a great list if you have a “normal” office job or if you live in the city, but I currently work outdoors 4 days a week and live in a rural area.  My lifestyle is very much “outdoors.”  So what to do?  For work I normally wear jeans, boots and a T-shirt (plus or minus a hoodie sweater, weather dependent).  As my hair has been very short recently, I wear hats and headbands a lot too.

I guess my goals for the closet overhaul are as follows:

  • Trend towards more neutral colors for my t-shirts
  • Try to stick to dark wash or black jeans versus distressed jeans– I distress my jeans enough everyday at work!!!
  • Try to grow out hair a little and stop relying on hats so much– with the warm weather coming up I am going to need the added breeze!
  • I also want to try to add some of the wardrobe basics from above just to have them on hand for when I am not grungy and dirty.  A girl likes to look nice now and then!

For this “more realistic” closet makeover I guess my general tips are:

  • Stick to neutral colors that will mix-and-match well
  • Only buy stuff that you LOVE
  • Only keep stuff that FITS WELL
  • Don’t get duplicates or more than you need
  • Don’t forget to give away items that no longer fit, etc. to charity.

And don’t expect this to happen overnight.  Classic pieces are acquired over the long-term.