Baby steps to minimalism

After about a year of reading great blogs like Zen Habits, Miss Minimalist, The Non-consumer Advocate, and Becoming Minimalist, I have read enough to know that my possessions aren’t making me happy.  In fact, it’s just the opposite:  they’re weighing me down!  Step #1 is apparently realizing that you have too many possessions and that  change is necessary.  Step #2, implementation, seems like a scary leap of faith.  Not only do I not want to donate/sell/throw away all of my superfluous possessions all at once, but that seems like it would be nearly impossible to do.  So I have decided to chip away at the task slowly, over a period of years.  I will be cutting back on my possessions over time, shedding the layers until I achieve freedom.  Furniture, books, electronics, kitchen appliances, toiletries, knickknacks, and clothing will all be sorted, evaluated, and pared down.  Additionally, I don’t just want to blithely throw stuff away.  I would prefer to sell or donate things if possible!

I have already been sorting through things slowly for a while now, but I had only done what I would call “the easy stuff.” That was round one!  Now things are getting more serious.  This morning I visited and got started on the books.  I was able to find out which books I had could be sold.  After sorting out what I wanted to sell, I was able to print out an inventory slip, pack the books up in a re-purposed cardboard box, and then print out a label for FedEx (an option for USPS is also available).  All I have to do is take the box to my nearest FedEx location, shipping is already taken care of by McKenzie Books.  I feel great about rescuing these books from their previous fate of languishing on my bookshelves, collecting dust.