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“The Day Spa” or, Simplifying Personal Care

My cousin recently revealed that she calls the laundry room the “day spa.”  The first time I heard her say it, I thought I must have heard incorrectly and I asked her to clarify.  She affirmed, explaining that she feels like she is robbing her two-year old of her blanket and her favorite stuffed toy when she has to “take them to the day spa.”  So funny and cute.  When I have kids, I think I will have to call the laundry room “the day spa” too.  For now though, I am taking my evening off for a little simple, clean & green personal care time.

I am working six days in a row this week, and I find little enough time to get anything done towards organizing or simplifying the house.  When this type of situation arises, I try to remember to just focus on just being, and to accept things as “good enough” (at least for now).  In that spirit, tonight I allowed myself a night off from laundry and dishes.  I gave myself a miniature manicure & pedicure, removing all the old polish, clipping, filing, and pushing back the cuticle from my nails.  Afterwards, I opted for a polish-free (and phthalate free) week and instead gave my toes and fingers a nice warm soak in water laced with Epsom salts and spearmint essential oil.  Now I feel relaxed!

Two days ago I spent the day at the bookstore with hubby and I happened upon a wonderful book called Organized Simplicity.  I have already read through the book, and let me tell you, it is a gem.  Today I decided to simplify my shower routine and followed her recipes for the hair cleanser and hair clarifier.  The recipes follow along with the no-poo movement and basically consist of 1 tablespoon of baking soda mixed with 8 oz of water in a squeeze bottle (cleanser) and 1 tablespoon of vinegar mixed with 8 oz of water in a squeeze bottle (clarifier).  So far, so good.  I feel really clean without any excessive floral or fruity smells.   I can take a deep easy breath and know that I will make it through the next week.